Micro Finance companies or institutions (MFI) are a type of NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) that provide financial services to needy or poor people and small business entrepreneurs who do not qualify for a standard bank loan. These financial services range from savings, loan and insurance. These institutions are required to be incorporated according to the Companies Act 2013 or 1956. They must also obtain the necessary permission or license from the governing body as well as have a minimum net worth as directed by the authority. The Reserve Bank of India has a definitive policy framework to determine the legitimacy of this sector.

How can Eaccountspro help you?

Without obtaining the prior approval of the Reserve Bank of India, no company or organization can carry the activities of Micro Finance Company. For Micro Finance Company registration, there are certain requirements, criteria, and guidelines issued by RBI. Our team at Eaccountspro can guide you through the entire procedure and steps necessary along with documentation to register your MFI Company in accordance with the rules set by RBI. Simply fill up our form, submit the documents, and we can initiate the job immediately.

Steps that are involved in the procedure for Micro Finance Company Registration:

1. Hindu undivided family
2. Individual
3. Association of persons
4. Company
5. Co-operative societies
6. Firms
7. Body of individuals

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