A trade license from regulators is necessary for every business organization. It is a document that certifies you and provides permission for carrying on a trade or business. However, it does not give permission for any other activity or ownership of property other than for which the license is issued. The regulators of trade license can be the state government or the municipal corporation that authorize license department and allot licenses to businesses in consultation with other consultative departments as required. It is necessary for a business organization to take primary licenses before beginning any activity of the business. Before you start your business, you are required to file an application with the Commissioner in the Corporation along with all the mandatory documents 30 days in prior.

Trade License has been made mandatory by the government to ensure that no wrong business practice is carried out in a particular area. The main purpose of issuing this license is to regulate different trade activities as well as to restrict people from carrying out certain types of businesses from their home location.

Trade licenses are valid for one year and are required to be renewed every year. The renewal application needs to be done within 30 days from the date of expiry.

How can Eaccountspro help you?

Our team can help you with the issuance of the Trade License. Depending on the local government agencies, the issuance differs from state to state. There are also different types of trade licenses such as industrial license, food establishment license, and shop license that an individual or a company can apply based on the type of business they want to do. At Eaccountspro, we can guide you through the right steps and documentation and get your license done. Our package includes drafting of application, documentation, license application and government fees.

Steps that are involved in the procedure for Trade License: