Income tax is a type of direct tax imposed by the government on the taxable income of people. Income tax is mainly levied and governed by the Indian Income Tax Act 1961. The income tax is chargeable to people, whose income exceed the “maximum amount”. These people need to file income tax return in the prescribed form.

Income tax in India has been categorized into these statuses:

1. Hindu undivided family
2. Individual
3. Association of persons
4. Company
5. Co-operative societies
6. Firms
7. Body of individuals

The role that Eaccountspro plays:

Eaccountspro specializes in offering credible income tax return filing service. The income tax return filing service that we offer at this company is highly preferred by our clients for the efficiency and ease as well as for the ability to meet the expectations and requirements of the clients completely. We offer income tax return service for both individuals and companies under the income tax act of India. Besides, we also help our clients to develop effective tax strategies, which help them to manage the latest laws of tax as per the legislation.

Here comes the list of income tax services that we offer to our clients:

1. Planning and preparation of tax return
2. Reducing the liabilities and risks of Tax
3. Assessment of tax before the authorities in India
4. Finalizing of the tax accounts
5. Filing the tax returns
6. Consultancy in tax planning and tax-related matters
7. Withholding tax compliance
8. Transfer the matters of pricing
9. Foreign taxation consultancy

Documents needed for filing income tax filing:

1. Form 16A- issued by the bank wherever needed
2. Form 16- issued by the employer
3. HRA or home loan receipts
4. Investment documents for tax savings
5. There are a few more documents, which are applicable on the basis of the complexity of return
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