For the companies, which have 20 or more employees, having provident fund and ESIC registration is a must. PF or Provident Fund is basically an investment, which is contributed by both employees and employers of a company. According to it, a lump sum amount is offered to every employee after their retirement. On the other hand, ESIC or Employee’s State Insurance Corp. is a profitable finance scheme, which covers the health insurance and social security of the Indian workers. This type of insurance is also a contribution made by both the employees and employers of a company.

How does Eaccountspro help?

Eaccountspro offers provident fund and ESIC service with the help of a number of professionals, who have years of experience in both of these fields. Eaccountspro helps to catalyze the business requirements of the clients by recommending them the right provident fund and ESIC solution that meets their budget and suits their requirements. With an innovative provident fund and ESIC service delivery and high-quality service structure, Eaccountspro offers unmatched business values to the clients.

Here is the provident fund and ESIC service that Eaccountspro offers:

1. PF & ESIC registration
2. Preparing the wages register
3. Preparing challans under ESIC
4. Preparing challans under PF
5. Maintaining all the records
6. Filing of the returns for ESIC and PF
7. Submitting the declaration of ESIC and PF to the respective centers after collecting contributions from the employers and employees.
8. Keeping the employers and employees updated about the latest changes in the field of ESIC and PF.

Documents required for PF registration:

1. Details like name of the organization, its setup date, list of partners/directors, licenses available in the name of that organization, copy of PAN of company, scanned copy of company’s bank accounts, ID proof of the employer (PAN and Aadhar), address of the company with proper address proof, company’s A/C number with IFSC number, address proof of the director/proprietor/partner, digital signature of the director/proprietor/partner.
2. Copy of the job work bill/first sale bill and first purchase bill.
3. Mobile number and email address of director/proprietor/ partner.
4. Total strength of employees from the date of company setup.
5. The present list of the employees with the details like:

• Name of the employee
• Date of birth
• Aadhaar
• Date of joining the company
• Postal address
• Mobile number
• Grade (skilled, semi, unskilled)
• Name of the nominee
• Designation
• Salary
• Name of his/her father

Documents required for ESIC registration:

1. Licenses or registration certificates issued under the Factories Act or Shops and Establishment Act.
2. Registration No of ST/ CST and/or certificate of production commencement.
3. Articles and memorandum of Partnership or Association Deed or Trust Deed, on the basis of the constitution of ownership of the establishment.
4. Salary or employment position on per month basis.
5. Address proof/PAN card of the company/firm/factory.
6. List of directors or partners.
7. Copy of the bank statement.
8. Pieces of evidence that support the commencement date of the business or production.