Registration of Society, NGO, Charitable Organisation & Club under West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961

The term ‘society’ is referred to an association of many individuals who mutually agree to govern, deliberate, and act cooperatively for a common purpose to carry out community activities for providing service for the betterment of others. A society is usually registered for the promotion of charitable activities such as education, art, sports, culture, music, etc. for non-profitable services. The registration is maintained by state governments.

West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961, governs the procedure for society registration and operation in West Bengal. In West Bengal, society has to be registered with the concerned Registrar in the district where it is planned to be established. After registration, a society will have legal recognition, and it will be possible to run the society legally. The members are required to agree with the name of the society and prepare for the Memorandum, and rules and regulations of the society.

The term ‘club’ is also referred to an association of individuals but meant for social recreations or for the promotion of charitable activities. A club can be a proprietary club or a members club. In the former case, the property is owned by a firm or a limited company while the members can make use of the property conforming to certain terms and conditions. A proprietary club is mainly run for the purposes of gain. On the other hand, in the latter case the property of the club vests in the members. A club can be registered under the Societies Registration Act or the Indian Companies Act. When it is registered under the Societies Registration Act, a club is allowed to carry out activities for the purposes of the advancement of literature, science, arts, education, sports, culture, music, the foundation of libraries and its maintenance, reading rooms, and other allied objects like that of a society for non-profitable services.

Steps that are involved for registering a Society, NGO, Charitable Organization or Club in India:

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