A trademark mainly differentiates the goods and services offered by one company from another. In most of the cases, the trademarks are designated as names, logos or both. It is because a name and a logo both are used to promote any particular brand name as well as to denote a limited ownership of any specific company.

The trademarks are also used to prevent the confusion of consumers while maximizing the economic efficiency, which is related to the goodwill and faith of the brand. This is why successful companies don’t only invest in setting up trademarks but these companies are also attentive in protective the trademarks.

What does Eaccountspro do?

Considering the importance of trademarks, the intellectual and experienced consultants and property lawyers of Eaccountspro assist the clients to register, implement and license trademarks all around India in a completely hassle-free manner.

The trademark services that we offer are research and offering opinions on the prospective issues of registration, managing to set up comprehensive protection plans while avoiding clashes with the existing marks, taking legal actions against trademark registry office and negotiating with the trademark examiners to accomplish registration. The post-registration trademark services include building up and implementing the strategies of licensing to assist the clients to realize the complete value of the intellectual property.


The patent is basically a grant to the inventor from the Government for a specific time period, the specific right to create, use, put into effect and vend the invention. With the help of this grant, the inventor, therefore, becomes a patentee, getting significant right over that specific invention. Therefore, the patentee can use the patent for himself/herself or can convey the patent to others for monetary consideration.

The right that the patentees enjoy over that specific invention is meant for a particular period of 20 years from the application date, considering that the patentee renews that patent to keep the patent in effect. After expiring that specific period, that invention can be used by any other person except the patentee. This way, the patent law distinguishes the restricted right of the patentees to obtain commercial advantages out of their invention for the period of 20 years.

What does Eaccountspro do?

At Eaccountspro, we help the clients in preparing and filing patent applications to get those registered. Apart from that, the experts of our company also offer our client comprehensive knowledge about drafting claims and descriptive specifications.

Apart from that, here we offer services related to searching patents, paying annuities, creating and filing appeals and written arguments, infringement litigation, and patent administration. In case any application unveils biological sequence or material listings, then we make it sure that the needed formalities are performed so that the application can be successfully processed.

At this company, we also deal with all the procedures and formalities associated with preparing and drafting license agreements and assignments for recording with the Indian Patent Office. Along with that, we also deal with the recording of the owner’s name change in the particular register.