The term ‘Payroll Processing’ refers to the management of the financial records of the employees that include salaries, net pay, incentives, tax deductions, ESI and PF. Whether you are a startup, a small or medium sized business or a large-scale organization, a proper payroll management reflects the company’s financial stability and leaves no legal implications as a result.

An effective payroll processing is made in compliance with payroll and labour laws, and involves a powerful payroll system. Having an accurate payroll management makes it easy for you to file tax, save time and money on large data calculation, evaluate employee performance and determine compensation during appraisal cycle, as well as enhance the reputation of your organization as a stable employer.

How can Eaccountspro help you?

Our experienced Chartered Accountants, Payroll specialists and taxation experts can help manage your payroll processing in the most effective way. We can guide you through the designing of the CTC structure of your company which is the total salary that you pay directly to an employee. Our legal professionals can help identify the labour compliance applicable to your business and take care of your labour compliance filings on time.

Besides, our taxation experts can help you with the best advice on tax planning and savings in accordance with the latest rules and amendments. Our team can also provide proper guidance to TDS deduction, TDS compliance, and EPF registration. We also offer services to set up the reimbursement policies of your company after ensuring that tax compliances are fulfilled, draft employment agreement and contracts, HR policy, Leave policy, and assist you in better planning appraisals and increments for your employees.

Overall, our team at Eaccountspro can work closely with you to calculate and manage the payroll of your organization. We ensure that your employees receive the correct compensation, reimbursements, provident funds, bonuses, allowances, and other benefits on time in accordance with your payroll cycle every month. We prepare and manage accurate pay orders, information, and process the taxes through an electronic system as well as ensure filing TDS returns, IT returns, and other filings within the deadlines.